Jura wine is a French wine produced from the wine region, Jura, located between Burgundy and Switzerland. "Jura" is derived from juria, a Latinized form for "forest."

The climate of the Jura Mountains is cool, and aggressively becomes cooler during the winter time. To lessen the threat of autumn and winter frost, the grape vines are processed through Chaptalization. Chaptalization is legally permitte in Jura and it’s a process where more sugar is added to the unfermented grapes to increase alcohol content and for the yeast to ferment into alcohol.

These are some of the Wine regions in Jura:

  1. Arbois - It was the first "controlled designation of origin" (appellation d'origine contrôlée in French), a French certification granted to French wines, cheeses, and other agricultural products. Rose and red wines are produced.
  2. Château-Chalon AOC - is also AOC-certified, but only white wines can be made known as "vin jaune" (yellow wine) which has the ability to age for several decades.
  3. Crémant du Jura is certified for the sparkling wines they produce.
  4. Côtes du Jura produces both red and white wines.
  5. Macvin du Jura has been producing since the fourteenth century. The grapes are made from permitted varieties of grapes. They are harvested when the sugar content is at its highest and is known to be the "sweet dessert wine."

The Famous Wine

Vin Jaune is the famous wine produced from Jura, distinguished for its sherry-like taste. It is picked from the ripest Savagnin's stored in over 6-year old Burgundian aging barrels. Vin Jaune is an intense-flavored wine that requires decantation prior to consuming.